Our Mission
INELDA’s mission is changing the face of dying. This might seem like a huge undertaking—and it is—but to accomplish meaningful change we need a goal that keeps calling us forward, reaching for what is just beyond our outstretched fingertips. It is a mission that comes out of bearing witness to both the best and worst of what we see in how people die and what loved ones tell us about their experiences. Changing the face of dying is central to the work of the end-of-life doula field. We must all work toward it together to make a difference, whatever that means for each doula organization and every individual doula.
What LS&A has done for us
The International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) was founded by three individuals who were passionate about and dedicated to the nonprofit’s mission of changing how end-of-life care was seen and supported. INELDA’s leaders were also aware of the need to find outside assistance for evaluating the nonprofit governance structure, Bylaws, Board policies, Resolutions of the Board of Trustees, and the myriad of legal complexities nonprofits encounter and must be attentive to when working remotely in multiple states.

Laura Solomon & Associates had the experience and solid reputation in the nonprofit arena that led us to confidently choose her team. Since engaging Laura and her team, they have reviewed INELDA’s nonprofit structure and governance and suggested revisions where necessary. They have created policies with clearer language and have assisted in updating our organization’s Code of Ethics and policies with attention to DEIJ concerns. Of paramount importance has been the responsiveness of Laura and her team to any of our inquiries or requests.