The Philadelphia Learning Collaborative

Our Mission
The Philadelphia Learning Collaborative (PLC) is a grassroots organization that builds systems and structures that support existing and new schools with progressive education models in Philadelphia. We are a growing, regional network of K-12 schools (public, independent, and charter), schools of education at five of Philadelphia’s leading universities, The School District of Philadelphia, and several educational nonprofits - with a shared commitment to student-centered, deeper learning.

We are committed to expanding the number of students who have access to school models that have features such as personalized instruction, strong advisory programs, project-based learning, real-world learning experiences integrated into their curriculums, and school cultures shaped by Restorative Justice Practices. PLC supports them by doing work in three priority areas:
1. Educator and Partner Development (ex. designing and hosting PDs for teachers that bridge the gap between traditional and progressive teacher practices)
2. Real-World Connections (ex. developing a citywide, coordinated Real-World Learning system)
3. Authentic Assessment (ex. convening leaders in the field to develop and use assessment tools that evaluate student mastery of skill on a continuum)
What LS&A has done for us
Laura Solomon & Associates has been a resource for PLC since inception. At every point in our development, our leadership team has turned to LS&A to make critical decisions about structure, governance, strategic partnerships, and legal issues. For example, LS&A has recommended fiscal sponsors and guided us through the application process to become an independent 501(c)3. LS&A also helped us to navigate being both an advocacy organization and a nonprofit.