HealthSpark Foundation

Our Mission
HealthSpark Foundation invests in nonprofit organizations, networks, and coalitions promoting a more just and healthy community. As a private, independent foundation serving Montgomery County, HealthSpark Foundation provides grant funding to support community initiatives and bolsters systems change in the social safety net through training, research, convenings, and advocacy.
What LS&A has done for us
We look at LS&A as general legal counsel and have relied upon them and their team’s nonprofit expertise to help us with a variety of issues including personnel (employee handbook), policy review/updates, review and updates of corporate documents, contract reviews, gaining clarity on the law as it relates to requirements imposed upon charitable organizations (real estate tax exemption, donor legacy issues), assistance in exploring options on fundraising raising and more.

And, while not directly related to their role with HSF, LS&A has been a trusted regional resource to many nonprofits that have received support from one of our strategic initiatives – The Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund. In that capacity they have provided due diligence assistance to review corporate documents, identify potential issues that require resolutions prior to finalizing mergers, acquisitions, and other forms of “deals” among nonprofits and other businesses.