JEVS Human Services

Our Mission
JEVS Human Services believes in giving people possibilities—opportunities to be self-sufficient and satisfied. Each year we touch nearly 25,000 lives, focusing on individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges as well as those facing adverse socio-economic conditions including unemployment and underemployment. Our services include programs providing skills development, job readiness and career services, vocational rehabilitation, recovery services, adult and residential day services, and in-home personal assistance. With these programs, JEVS helps the people we serve lead self-determined, connected, and hopeful lives that strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.
What LS&A has done for us
It is so important to work with professionals who not only understand the workings of the non-profit world but who are able to share this expertise with both members of the Board and staff. We have worked with Laura and her team for an array of services over the past several years. We received expert advice on every issue ranging from complex governance requirements to simple revisions to a committee charter. Laura did a wonderful presentation for our board so that everyone was taught best practices and fiduciary responsibility. We are grateful for the continued partnership with LS&A and appreciate that we can call on them to help with many of our legal questions.