New Nonprofits – Incorporation and Exemption

Choosing and implementing the proper structure for your new nonprofit organization is crucial if you want to receive and maintain Federal tax-exemption, as well as state tax benefits available to nonprofit organizations. We have helped numerous organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region and around the country incorporate and obtain Federal tax-exemption, from small grassroots charities working with a volunteer base, to larger charities and private foundations with significant budgets and staff. All of these organizations benefit at the outset from our focus on and dedication to the specific needs and charitable goals of nonprofit organizations, and our careful planning to further these goals.

We advise and counsel clients during the all-important first steps of formation and incorporation, including drafting of articles, bylaws, and conflict of interest and other corporate policies. We work closely with new organizations to confirm that nonprofit status is appropriate, and provide further guidance regarding the correct nonprofit designation for the organization – 501(c)(3) or another 501(c) classification. We continue our work with newly formed organizations, and also work with existing nonprofit organizations and charitable trusts, to apply for and obtain Federal tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), where our knowledge of Federal tax law and familiarity with IRS procedures helps guide our clients through the scrutiny of the exemption process.